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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Security up in new Iloilo airport site, DOTC exec calls for more guards in vital govt installations

The News Today. 10/11/2006
By Florence F. Hibionada

Communist terrorists New People's Army (NPA) managed to sow terror and damage when it attacked a multi-million government airport project in Silay City, Negros Occidental. As such, government agents are now under orders to tighten its guard on similar infrastructure works particularly the multi-billion New Iloilo Airport Development Project (NIADP) in Sta.Barbara-Cabatuan, Iloilo.

Similar call for highest in alert in all government installations throughout Western Visayas if only to avert possible attacks by the communist terrorists out to destabilize the region and get back at their targets for non-payment of extortion activities cum revolutionary taxes.

This, The News Today (TNT) gathered from Transportation and Communication Undersecretary Ricardo "Cano" Tan when reached for an update yesterday (Tuesday). Tan said, work has been temporarily suspended in Silay City pending the go -signal from local police tasked to secure the area for possible remaining explosives and evidences.

Yet as soon as said 'clean-up' is done, the project will continue as planned with Tan saying, the government will not allow the communist terrorists to win.

While government acknowledged the setback the attack caused primarily on the millions in damage to the property of the airport contractor, Tan said work will resume at the soonest time possible and the airport will soon stand.

In a meeting, Tan disclosed that security measures were drawn and assessment of the incident thoroughly discussed if only to serve as guide and deterrent in the future. The Iloilo airport meantime will see extra set of security from the elite Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team, the local police and military personnel.

"I am confident that the Iloilo airport will be secured," Tan ended.

Meantime, a top army official slammed the Silay attack calling the communist terrorists "economic saboteurs."

"The dastardly act perpetrated by the NPA once again blatantly displayed their love of terror. Not only that, but this band of economic saboteurs' also added misery to peoples' lives by depriving them of progress." Major Lyndon Sollesta, Commanding Officer, 3rd Civil Military Operations Unit said.

"This strategic act of terror is intended to collect extortion money in the guise of ‘revolutionary tax', scare away investors, create an image of governments inadequacy of protecting its interests and keep the people poor by taking away employment opportunities. In the tactical perspective, the NPAs could divert attention from the real area of military operations to relieve the pressure being put up by the Army in its Internal Security Operations campaign against their fighters, or maybe project that they are still a force to be reckoned with. But what was actually peculiar is that they are contributing to the poverty problem of our country. We should be aware that insurgency causes poverty. For communist terrorists believe that making the people poor will ease their way in pushing ahead the communist revolution. Economic sabotage is intentional!"

This latest NPA-attack occurred early morning of Sunday where about 30 NPAs clad in PNP Regional Mobile Group battle fatigues attacked and burned engineering equipment of HANJIN Construction. The terrorists are believed to be from the Larangan Guerilya 3, Kometing Rehiyon-Negros. Hanjin is presently undertaking the construction of the new Silay City International Airport estimated the total damages to be worth between P40-50 Million. This construction firm gained the ire of communist terrorist for its refusal to give in to the NPA's extortion scheme.

The News Today. 10/11/2006


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