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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Iloilo officials slam plan to change name of Iloilo airport

The Guardian Iloilo, 8/9/06
By Francis Allan L. Angelo

EFFORTS to rename the new Iloilo airport in Cabatuan-Sta. Barbara area as “Panay International Airport” is a misnomer, according to Iloilo Governor Niel Tupas Sr.

Tupas even laughed at the proposal of Antique Governor Salvacion Perez to scrap the name of Iloilo from the new airport of international grade.

“Panay refers to an aggrupation of provinces which includes in Iloilo. Why call it Panay airport when it is located in Iloilo? Laoag airport was called as such because it is located in Laoag. The same is true with Mactan and other airports in the country,” Tupas said.

Tupas stressed that there are other airports in Panay. He surmised that Perez, chair of the Regional Development Council, only wants to partake of the recognition Iloilo will get once the new airport is operational.

Provincial Administrator Manuel Mejorada also gave proponents of the “Panay International Airport” a mouthful on geography.

“In most international maps, Panay is not indicated, only Iloilo. If you call the new Iloilo airport as Panay airport, people from other countries might be in a quandary as to where it is located,’ Mejorada said.

Tupas said he was not consulted on the broached renaming of the Iloilo airport.

“Naming the new airport after Iloilo will put the province on the international tourism map. It will promote Iloilo to the world,” Tupas said.

Yesterday, the Sangguniang Panlalawigan condemned efforts to call the new Iloilo airport by any other name.

Board Member Domingo Oso read the statement of condemnation during their regular session Tuesday.

Oso said Perez’s proposal is unacceptable to the province where the airport is located.

Vice Governor Roberto Armada, Perez’s partymate in the Liberal Party-Atienza wing, is also opposed to renaming the new Iloilo airport.

“This will, in effect, deprive the people of the city and province of Iloilo of their honor and prestige. All over the world airports are named either after the city or province where they are situated like Narita International Airport in Narita, Japan or Inchon International Airport in Inchon province, South Korea,” Armada said in a statement faxed to The Guardian.

Airports can also be named after heroes or prominent officials by way of legislation such as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Armada added.

Mayor Jerry Treñas, who blew his top last week over the non-inclusion of Iloilo City in the Panay Development Authority (PDA), is also against the name “Panay international airport.”

The Sangguniang Panglungsod will also pass a resolution against the renaming of the new Iloilo airport and another resolution slamming the omission of the city from the PDA.

The Guardian Iloilo, 8/9/06


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