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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Natividad: What's in a name?

Sunstar Iloilo, 8/11/2006
By Cyrus A. Natividad

YESTERDAY, I was surprised when a media man asked me, "Are you in favor of the Iloilo Airport of International Standards' name changed to Panay Airport of International Standards?

I told myself, "It's a brilliant idea coming from a parasite that is running out of strategies to promote oneself." Of course, I was not referring to the guy who asked me.

I answered him, "I'm not in favor of knocking down the pride of Iloilo by taking its name off on the new airport."

It's just a name. But, take the case of Mactan. It's a very small island where the Mactan International Airport is located. Its name is being written on correspondences that roam around the world --- mail, tags, couriers, faxes, airline notices, terminal monitors, and more. This brings opportunity to Mactan. That's how important having "Iloilo" on the airport's name on us, too.

Travelers will be informed that there is such a placed called Iloilo because of its airport of international standards.

From this comes tourism and cultural convergence that can bring about socio-economic opportunities to Iloilo.

I believe the other provinces around Iloilo will also reap bounty through the economic linkages of the airport development.

Sunstar Iloilo, 8/11/2006


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