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The New Iloilo Airport at Cabatuan, Iloilo

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The Daily Guardian. 6/14/2007
By Francis Allan L. Angelo

PRESIDENT Gloria Arroyo reinforced her post election reconciliatory pitch during the inauguration of the New Iloilo Airport (NIA) in Cabatuan yesterday.

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  • At Thursday, June 14, 2007 2:51:00 AM, Blogger Ed said…

    meter readings should be enforced, thanks for your decision, sir... most taxi drivers wants to charge P100 to P150 from Iloilo to Santa Barbara as contract fee or as total taxi fare, which is illegal otherwise what is the use of the taxi meter for? It may not costs much with tourists but it will certainly affect domestic travellers which would probably choose sea transport instead, the new airport will be affected if there are a small volume of passengers due to the opportunistic interests of a small segment of taxi drivers and operators. Why dont we use shuttle buses as in other progressive countries?

  • At Thursday, June 14, 2007 6:37:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    The use of shuttle buses from the airport to Cabatuan or Santa Barbara is safer for the passengers. Besides this is additional income for the airport if this buses will be owned by them.


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